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Frequently Asked Questions


Is it difficult to learn?

No! The Alexander Technique is very easy to understand, no matter what your age, agility or intelligence! Nor does it require remembering lots of information. You are just learning where you are going wrong and helped by the Alexander teacher to see how you can move in a better way. There are no exercises to do after your lessons.


What ailments can the Alexander Technique help to relieve?


Am I too old to change my posture?

Never! Pupils in their 70s and 80s are particularly appreciative of Alexander Technique because often improvements are very pronounced and can change their quality of life. Jane’s oldest student is Monica Ricketts, who is 92!


Will I be manipulated or massaged?

No. Alexander Technique teachers use their hands in a unique and subtle way that is completely different from chiropractors, osteopaths, and physical massage therapists.


Is it like yoga or Pilates?

No. The Alexander Technique does not consist of a set of exercises or meditation. It is a scientific discipline for attaining optimum human functioning. It can however enhance your yoga or Pilates practice.


Can it be used with other treatments?

Yes. It is not a therapy and can be used alongside both orthodox and complementary forms of treatment.


Is it recognised by the medical profession?

In a recent major clinical trial sponsored by the NHS, it was found that the Alexander Technique had significant long-term benefits for those suffering from chronic back pain. These results were published in The British Medical Journal, read by many medical practitioners. Jane would be happy to supply your GP with details about this study, or general information about The Alexander Technique.


How many lessons will I need?

The number of lessons you have will depend on your individual needs and goals. As a guide, 15-20 lessons are recommended for continuing self-improvement, but even a few lessons can make a real difference. Jane recommends you come along for an introductory lesson.


“I had always assumed that aches and pains, and becoming more stooped, were part of aging. The Alexander Technique has shown me that this is not necessarily so!  I wish all elderly people such as myself knew about The Alexander Technique, as I feel sure it could relieve their pain too. As well as giving me a better quality of life, I do truly believe that The Alexander Technique has helped to prolong my life!”

Monica Ricketts, Age 92




“Having spent the last 15 years with a chronic pain syndrome (RSI, Fibromyalgia & Arthritis), I have tried many things to help alleviate my symptoms but any relief was short-lived. The Alexander Technique has been a revelation!


I would recommend that anyone try an AT lesson, whether it is to help with an existing problem or just to gain an awareness of how we use our bodies and how we can prevent damaging them. How I wish I’d tried it years ago and saved myself further pain and emotional distress.”

Karen Backhouse


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